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Bespoke, exquisite and extraordinary cakes and confections for any occasions, specializing in novelty and wedding cakes.

You might be disappointed that there isn’t succinct priceless on this page… Every cake I make is unique and specifically tailor made for each couple and their vision for their big day. Pricing depends on large number of factors, including the amount of guests, the flavours you chose, and most importantly the design. I do realise that it is important to know what you are in for, so you can budget the right amount for your dream cake, therefore I have created categories of cakes and their starting prices roughly per portion (pricing on this page excludes delivery).

My minimum order amount is R 10 000, whether it be Birthday cake or Wedding cake, and this can be a package, such as a cake and matching macarons.

Elegant and simple Cakes

These cakes have a classic and clean look to them, with not too much decor. Sometimes clean and simple is the best way to go. These cakes include fondant covered cakes with minimal decor, or ganache / Buttercream finished cakes.

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How to book a wedding cake with me:

Time line

Booking fee if they like to book the date.

The usual process. (rough estimate, tasting, formal quote, booking)

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