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An artist is not paid for his labor but for his vision.
— James Whistler

You might be disappointed that there isn’t a succinct price list on this page. Every cake I make is unique and specifically designed from scratch for each couple and their vision for their big day, even down to the flavours that go into the cake. Pricing depends on a large number of factors, including the amount of guests, the venue (how far to deliver the cake), the flavours you chose, and most importantly the design. I do realise that it is important to know what you are in for, so you can budget the right amount for your dream cake.

My minimum order amount is R 19 000 (usually including delivery)

Whether it be Birthday cake or Wedding cake, and this can be a package, such as a cake and matching macarons if you have a small number of guests. This is due to the fact that I do want to create those ‘WOW’ Showstopper works of art, and those take time. Sometimes it takes me 3 weeks to make the sugar flowers and put together one design. Generally speaking I only take on 1, or a maximum of 2 cakes/ orders per week, so I can give those orders my undivided attention and love.

In general my customers order cakes somewhere between  R 19 000 - 23 000 which usually would feed roughly 100 - 170 guests (this works out to about R 111 - 230 per portion). Below are 3 categories with different prices and some thoughts on each, to give you a better sense of the price per portion (pricing below excludes delivery).


Elegant and Classic Cakes

These cakes have a classic or modern look to them, with not too much decor. Sometimes clean and simple is the best way to go. These cakes include fondant covered cakes with minimal decor, or ganache / Buttercream finished cakes and can include a few sugar flowers. The look is clean and not too busy, and therefore the design process is pretty straight forward. However, it means that these cakes need extra attention when it comes to making the smoothest and most perfect surface possible. There is no-where to hide mistakes !

Starting prices are around R 70 per portion and they can go up to R 120 per portion.


Edible Art

These cakes are carefully designed and tailor made for each couple. Each one tells a story and they are masterfully put together. They can be modern, romantic, out of the ordinary, elegant, classic or rustic, but they all have one thing in common: they are extra-ordinary. The level of detail on these cakes is higher as they incorporate a much more intricate design. This drastically increases the time that goes into conceptualising and creating each unique masterpiece. Starting prices are around R 120 per portion, going up to R 170 per portion.


Showstoppers & Custom Cakes

These cakes are not really cakes, they are sculptures made from edible material. They can often take weeks of planning and execution. These are the cakes that I enjoy the most, as my art background can really come into play, and truly, I thrive when there is projects that haven’t been done before and I need to find a way to figure it all out.

Starting prices at around R170 per portion, and the sky is the limit.

Some thoughts on Pricing

Larger cakes vs Smaller cakes?

Now, clients often think that smaller cakes will necessarily be a fraction of the larger cakes. However, portion prices usually go down with bigger numbers (of guests/ portions), as a similar amount of work goes into making a small cake vs. making a larger cake. Obviously bigger cakes are more expensive than smaller ones (more ingredients etc), but in terms of the per portion price, smaller cakes are more pricey (they still need to be cut and filled and ganached and covered in fondant and decorated). Therefore, the most expensive cakes you can get per portion are the little miniature cakes / individual cakes. This is just something to consider.

Why and When to invest in an edible work of art

My cakes are special. They are unique and each one is a one-of-a-kind. I will pour all the love and passion I have into each cake. If you are looking for a centre-piece at your event, something that will absolutely blow your guests away, then send me an email, I would absolutely love to be a part of your big day and create a special memory for you.

If you are ‘just’ looking for a cake, I am probably not the right person. There are many amazing bakers out there that I would be happy to recommend.

However! Please watch out for budget bakers. Just a word of caution, I really want you to have an amazing cake at your event, whether it be from me or another baker, but I don’t want a cake disaster. I have seen many. Going into this business I thought that falling cakes and crying brides would be the exception, but it is really not… I have seen several cakes fall, crack, topple over or taste horrible myself far too many times to not warn you. Just read the ‘a day in the life of' blog post on this website, there I explain how a proper cake should be constructed too, which might be quite interesting. Don’t take the risk of having a puddle cake at your event!

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